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Impulse Geophysics
Impulse Geophysics

4K Resolution Video


In the mid 90's Impulse Geophysics noticed a strong demand from its clients; consultants, contractors and managing agents of the Highways Agency as well as local authorities for user-friendly, map-based, digital video system that could be used in maintenance schemes.


This resulted in Impulse Geophysics using its existing techniques together with new and innovative developments to create a product that works both effectively and efficiently.


The hugely successful Impulse Geophysics - Roadshow Digital Video System® has numerous features and applications with special application to asset inventory.


Technology since then has moved fast with regards to video hardware. Impulse Geophysics has been at the front from day one moving from VGA to HD and now onto an impressive 4K Camera resolution. 


From our high quality video there are a variety of applications that are becoming increasingly requested in industry.

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The 4K Difference

Impulse Geophysics

*The above Camera Views were collected alongside each other in the exact same weather conditions at the exact same time. 

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