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Asset Inventory


Through our Roadshow software we are able to accurately position features such as signs, bridges, carriageways, footways, culverts, line markings, lamp posts and traffic 
islands can be extracted from the digital video footage and the relevant information stored by way of a user-friendly digital data input form.


This can be directly given to +/- 2m in chainage, which can be reduced to sub-metre accuracy through the use of DGPS. In terms of the on screen measurement facility, this can measure the dimension and height/width of inventory items to within 10% accuracy.


No longer is it necessary to have inspectors at risk walking your road network. Our survey fleet can cover your entire network in a fraction of the time of a manual inventory, capturing the assets in high-resolution, multi-view, HD Video. Inspectors can then extract inventory items and attributes from the safety of the office with no specialist hardware requirements. 


The inventory items and attributes are tailored to your specification, with a flexible data output format to match your existing PMS or GIS. Roadshow exports to all systems including: HAPMS, UKPMS, Symology & Confirm, including HMDIF and XML type formats. Inventory items can be converted to Shape and TAB files for integration with MapInfo®


The end user may then either have an inventory, to any specification, extracted by our experienced staff or alternatively can opt for the facility to enable their own staff 
to extract, measure and populate the relevant inventory items & attributes as they wish, ready for export. This facility is fully supported by our technical staff and systems experts.


We have made Asset Management simple, quick and cost-effective. WDM, DCL & JACOBS HMDIF SCANNER Data can also be integrated in Roadshow with FWD, Scrim, GPR, CVI and DVI data streams.




Impulse Geophysics
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