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About Us

Impulse Geophysics was founded in 1991 to act as consultants to clients 
undertaking sub-surface investigations. Due to market demand Impulse 
Geophysics concentrated on promoting Impulse Radar (also known as Ground 
Penetrating Radar - GPR ) for a wide range of sub-surface investigations from mine 
detection (anti-personnel) to mineshaft detection and from mapping pipe and 
cable networks to mapping buried Roman Fortresses. As well as detecting 
underground objects and utilities, Impulse Radar is a widely accepted 
non-destructive technique for establishing an extensive range of construction 
and condition information of civil and structural materials.

Drawing on his extensive knowledge and understanding of geophysics and 
geophysical techniques such as Impulse Radar, Bob Milligan - Managing Director 
of Impulse Geophysics, pioneered high-speed Impulse Radar surveys on roads in
the UK. Consequently Impulse Geophysics became, and still remain, the leading 
supplier of Impulse Radar surveys to consultants, contractors, managing agents 
of the Highways Agency, as well as numerous local authorities

As high-speed Impulse Radar became more widely accepted and other radar 
contractors began to emerge the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) 
conducted a series of trials in 1993/1994. Impulse Geophysics were the 
irrefutable leaders in both data quality and results accuracy, above all other 
radar contractors tested and only Impulse Geophysics could provide consistently 
reliable results.

Impulse Geophysics promotes itself by removing the mystique from techniques, 
such as Impulse Radar, and putting it into easily understood terms and presenting 
results in user-friendly outputs. This simplifying of techniques coupled with 
maintaining the utmost integrity in the profession is the very foundation of 
Impulse Geophysics and it is these factors that distinguish Impulse Geophysics.

Whilst Impulse Geophysics consolidated its position as leading suppliers of 
Impulse Radar surveys, a strong demand from its clients; the consultants, 
contractors and managing agents of the Highways Agency as well as local 
authorities, resulted in Impulse Geophysics using its existing techniques together
with new and innovative developments to create a user friendly map based digital 
video system for use in maintenance schemes. The hugely successful Roadshow 
Digital Video System has numerous features and applications with special 
application to asset inventory.
Impulse Geophysics
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