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Cycle Lane / Footway Surveys


Impulse Geophysics (IG) is established video survey company carrying out video surveys of road networks for civil engineering consultants and contractors, local authorities and the Highways Agency. The Highways department of the TFL Roads Directorate are an existing customer.


In the case of the Safer Cycling Video Survey(SCVS) the cameras are mounted on a tricycle around head height. Both on-carriageway and off-carriageway cycleways can be surveyed.  The resultant videos can be viewed on a PC or mobile device and the user has a 360 degree view from the current position shown on a map. The uses are many and in the case of the SCVS it gives the “cyclist” view and danger spots for cyclists can be identified. The software the video is presented in allows identified features to be store in a database and reports produced. The software configuration is user customisable.  This tool allows professionals and lay persons to view the issues on the network that impact the safety of the public and all road users.


The survey can be made available on a Hard Drive or Server or a web based application.


This SCVS system has already been succesfully applied in Birmingham and Manchester. 





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