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Impulse Geophysics
Impulse Geophysics

Utility Mapping

Impulse Geophysics started mapping underground utilities in 1991. Since then we have been able to offer a wide range of services for detecting, locating and avoiding underground utilities. 


We use two types of methods/equipment to non-penetrative detect and map underground utilities:

  • Electromagnetic detectors or CAT scanners 

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).


In September 2013 Impulse Geophysics took delivery of the new GSSI Utiltyscan DF. This is GSSI's premium GPR unit for Utility detection and location. More information can be found by clicking the link below:





Impulse Geophysics fully complies with the newly published Specification for Underground Utility Detection, Verification and Location. PAS 128:2014 (Publicly Available Specification) was first issued in June 2014 by the BSI (British Standards Institution)

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