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CVI & DVI Inspections


Coarse Visual Inspection (CVI) are used to record the presence of defective areas of carriageway, footway and kerbing. 


Coarse Visual Inspection (CVI) are conducted from a vehicle and enable the recording of such defects as cracking, crazing and rutting. CVI surveys are performed to national standards. 


Detailed Visual Inspection (DVI) surveys enable the collection of much more detail

relevant to defects on roads and pavements. Such defects as cracking, subsidence,

chip loss and the like are all recorded, together with their associated dimensions.

The primary use of such surveys is to assess the condition of the busier pavements

on your network. 


Both types of survey can assist you with the appointment of budgets for future maintenance works


Our unique, 4K vertical camera view gives an unparalled visual track record of the road surface condition for both CVI and DVI applications.


This when accompanied with a 4K 45° Down View you have all the imagery you need to conduct both types of survey accurately and quickly.

An example of CVI in Roadshow

Impulse Geophysics
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