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Impulse Geophysics

Impulse Radar


Whilst the different applications of Impulse Radar are numerous, at Impulse 
Geophysics, the technique is predominantly applied to subsurface 
investigations on transport networks and structures, such as Roads, 
Railways, Runways, Bridges and Tunnels.

When applied to roads, an Impulse Radar survey can accurately establish the 
construction and condition information of a particular road up to 2 metres 
beneath the surface. The survey is non-destructive and non-disruptive, as 
data is collected at traffic speed and requires no traffic management.

More specifically, the following information can be gained from carrying out an 
Impulse Radar Survey on a road:

Construction Information:

  • Layer & Material Changes

  • Layer & Material Types

  • Layer & Material Thickness/Depths

  • Moisture Profiles

  • De-lamination and De-bonding

  • Subsurface Consolidation

  • Voiding




Impulse Radar can also be incorporated into Roadshow to accompany your 4K or HD Video

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