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Automatic Defect Detection Software

Impulse Geophysics have developed a system using our 4K Video to locate and analyse certain carriageway defects. This is achieved by using our high quality video and deep machine learning software. We have fed 1000's of manually collected defects into the software to allow it to automatically, and more importantly accurately identify defects by itself. 











Automatic Concrete Joint Detection

Using the same technology from the Defect Detection is applied here. Please click here for more information







Reporting of Defects involves dividing up our Vertical Panorama Images into rectangles. These measure 1m x 1/5th of the road width.


Each of these boxes are referenced to Chainage (HAPMS or Scheme) and GIS Coordinates to within 0.01m, allowing us to accurately report our findings back to any database/system. These boxes can be seen below:





































































CSV Output.png
Defect Detection
Defect Type
Defect Type Key
Defect Severity
Defect Severity Key

The defect results can be output to multiple formats.


Excel .csv Format:

Chainage - Chainage to the centre of the grid rectangle (HAPMS or Scheme)

Zone - Cross-Sectional position ranging from 0-4.

          0 = Left Edge

          1 = NSWT (Nearside Wheel Track)

          2 = Lane Centre 

          3 = OSWT (Offside Wheel Track)

          4 = Right Edge

Direction - For Cracking the direction details run from 0-2.

          0 = Longitudinal

          1 = Transverse

          2 = Multi-Directional 

Severity - For Cracking the severity runs from 0-2. This is based on the quantity and size of defects found in that particular grid rectangle.

          0 = Low

          1 = Medium

          2 = High

Image Overlay

Your defects can also be displayed visually over the existing carriageway. 

Defect Analysis

Original Image

Defect Grid.png


Defect Type

Defect Severity

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